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Social Movement Contemporary Dance Theater presents work to diverse audiences that

reflects the historical impact of social inequities on contemporary social ideas and values.

“I think it is important to share our experiences; only then can we begin to understand each other. I am a storyteller at heart,

and passionate about presenting work that addresses the human condition.” Artistic Director Elijah Alhadji Gibson

The Black Card –
An evening of work providing a glimpse inside Gibson’s personal experiences dealing with race and cultural affirmation and expression in the United States.  He illustrates the problematic duality of assimilation, specifically, how one may reject their own cultural identity to compromise and fit in, and the aftermath of those choices. The constant struggle to resist the established system of oppression that hinders the pursuit of the “American Dream” and through exploration of the boundaries of cultural appropriation and appreciation, Gibson offers a solution of reconfiguring the ideas and values that have shaped the nature of oppression in this country.


That's Entertainment! -
Gibson featured three world premieres: The Girlie Show, Game Show, and Mi Champeta. Engaging social consciousness through its impact on our ideas and values, "The Girlie Show" invites us to confront the reasons and ways we observe the female dancing body. "Game Show" brings attention to the ease with which those who are not ignored and marginalized can choose how much they will get involved with issues that don’t directly affect them. "Mi Champeta," illustrates the many expressions and interpretations of this Afro-Colombian folk song and dance.


The Human Condition -
This show is composed of the experiences and behaviors that shape human existence, such as birth, relationships, love, loss, anger, revenge, and mortality. Gibson, rooting his work in aspects of the human condition, establishes this perspective as one of the major components of SMCDT. The collection of works being presented in this concert, The Before and After, Book Covers, Black Love: Mr. Soul and Without End-Gain, are inspired by emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and growth.


Color me bad -
An entertaining and thought-provoking dance experience, filled with high-impact, virtuosic, and intense movement. Choreographed and conceptualized by Gibson, Color Me Bad illustrates aspects of his personal relationships and experiences bringing awareness to the discrimination and marginalization faced by people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Power to the Peopole -
Through 3 acts, Power to the People embodies the freedom from external control or influence. "The Culture" takes ownership of the global Hip Hop phenomenon through expression of Hip Hop's five pillars -- breakdancing, MCing, DJing, graffitti, and knowledge. In "Autonomy" celebrates the strength, power, and perseverance of all women, through a series of solos. "We The People" illustrates what happens when people’s daily lives are interrupted by the world's harsh realities and they begin to demand change.

Inside the Movement -
Features an evening of works choreographed by the artists of SMCDT. The concert highlights the diversity of viewpoints and artistic range of the dancers that contribute to the aesthetic of the company.



Movements: New & Revised -

Consists of three works, two restages and the world premiere of “In Syndication". This new work brings awareness to the realities for people who live with depression, in addition the danger that lies in its many myths and misconceptions.




A celebration of Social Movement Contemporary Dance Theater’s fifth season, highlighting works spanning the five years of SMCDT. In Syndication (2022), Reconstruct (2020), The Before and After (2019), Mi Champeta (2019).

Dance | Hunger | Action -
A curated evening of dance drawn from the unique and vibrant diversity of the Houston dance community, brings awareness to the Houston Food Bank and their work to combat food insecurity in and around Houston. The performance provides a platform for dance makers to showcase their individual perspectives while supporting Social Movement Contemporary Dance Theater’s mission of promoting social consciousness. 

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