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End-gaining is the tendency we have to keep our mind and actions focused on an end result whilst losing sight of, and frequently at the expense of, the means whereby the result is achieved. 


- brings awareness to the realities for people who live with depression, in addition the danger that lies in its many myths and misconceptions.


- takes ownership of the global Hip Hop phenomenon through expression of Hip Hop's five pillars -- breakdancing, MCing, DJing, graffitti, and knowledge.


Using hip hop vocabulary, this piece challenges the idea of what concert dance and storytelling through movement has been and what it could become. For the past decade contemporary dance has universally been influenced by movement vocabulary from hip hop culture, however hip hop itself has not been widely accepted as a form of concert dance. This piece explores the use of "Breaking" as a medium to promote equality of the sexes, race, and opportunity.


- This work challenges the predetermined narrative of gender roles in dance pertaining to cis gendered men. What it is to be a dancing male? What is masculine and what is feminine? What do these descriptors look like? 

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