Elijah Alhadji Gibson, Artistic Director


We are passionate about generating thought-provoking work that reflects the belief that dance mirrors how people embrace and/or resist the cultural boundaries, limitations, and expectations laid upon them by social constructs.

The Black Card


 The Black Card illustrates the problematic duality of assimilation, specifically, how one may reject their own cultural identity to compromise/fit in, and the aftermath of those choices. Expressing the constant struggle to resist the established system of oppression that hinders the pursuit of the “American Dream”, Gibson explored the boundaries of cultural appropriation and appreciation. Offering a solution of reconfiguring the ideas and values that have shaped the nature of oppression in this country. As an artist, Gibson’s creative process stems from personal experiences and current issues that directly and/or indirectly affect him, and the systems surrounding him.

The Black Card

Human Condition


The Human Condition is composed of the experiences and behaviors that shape human existence, such as birth, relationships, love, loss, anger, revenge, and mortality. Artistic Director Elijah Alhadji Gibson roots his work in aspects of the human condition and has now established this perspective as one of the major components of SMCD. The collection of works presented
in this concert were inspired by emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and growth.

Human Condition

Color Me Bad


This is an immersive experience set to the music of British singer and songwriter, Benjamin Clementine. Interwoven with monologues based off of true experiences of individuals and how their relationship with family and friends were affected by their LGBTQ+ identity, was one part an experiment for the performers to observe the change of behavior (or not) of the audience as the show unfolded, and also for the audience to find any unknown biases or feelings they might have against LGBTQ+ peoples.

Color Me Bad

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